Wedding Photographer Tips and Advice

I believe in educating the client so that they can make an informed decision when choosing the right wedding photographer. These are questions that I have been asked and I certainly recommended that you ask them to all of your prospective Calgary photographers.

Portfolio and Experience

Do you have experience with outdoor and indoor photography?

Absolutely! A good photographer should be able to adjust to different lighting conditions. Outdoor is relatively easy, for a pro or amateur, due to the general availability of natural sunlight. Indoor is much tougher, you need more experience and proper equipment to handle the challenging conditions.

Can you show examples of indoor photography?

Half of my portfolio is shot indoors, whether on-demand at events, or in a controlled studio environment. This is a great way to weed out the good from the potentially bad photographers. Inexperienced photographers only show outdoor photos. Natural lighting is great, just don't fall for that sales pitch. Look for bad lighting, and ugly flash skill. Flash can be amazing when done properly.

Do you have experience with flash photography?

Whether it's outdoor or indoor, I know how to use flash and when to combine it with natural light. I don't fool you by claiming to "only shoot natural light". This is your wedding, flash will be required at some point. A photographer unskilled with flash will end up taking harsh-looking photos.

Can you show me some prints?

Without hesistation, I will show why the art of print-making is the truest expression of photography. Digital webshots, online galleries, and slideshow DVD's are nice and convenient, but prints offer something tangible, and make a lasting impression.

Camera Equipment

What kind of lenses do you use?

This is more important than the camera body! I use an assortment of professional Canon lenses, ranging from wide angle to telephoto. These are able to capture photos with dreamy background blurs. They also focus quicker, are more accurate, and produce better detail and color.

How many megapixels does your camera shoot?

It's all about image quality, not megapixels. Generally, a photo with more megapixels will contain more detail. Even the most basic camera can shoot enough megapixels nowadays. However, not all megapixels are captured equally. To truly appreciate this, ask to see prints. There will be a big difference between mushy, blurry photos, and pristine, vibrant photos.

Can your camera handle indoor photography?

I wouldn't risk a client's wedding with anything less. Indoor lighting is "low light" for a camera, so the best lenses to use are prime lenses and professional zoom lenses. These allow the camera to capture better negatives. A cheap amateur kit lens is not suitable as they will be slow and have problems focusing (the results will be blurry and out of focus photos). Churches, community halls, reception venues, restaurants, etc. - they all require the proper equipment.

Do you have a backup camera body and lenses?

Every photographer should have a backup camera. You can't recreate those once-in-a-lifetime moments. Avoid taking that risk. This is often overlooked, it should be a mandatory requirement. It's your wedding day and you've spent a lot of money to hire the photographer. It would be a disaster if the photographer's camera broke down and didn't have a replacement.